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01 - History and principles - English

A bit of History

In the beginning there was only Chaos. There hadn't been anything before. It had just appeared, shapeless, soundless, brightless, with an infinite scale. After thousands of years of sleep, Chaos gave birth to the Earth in a glimpse.
But life was not the ultimate event in the experience of this universe. Life itself wanted to get to a higher stage. It started to proliferate, diversify, try new shapes, new colors, new temperatures and behaviors. Until the very moment when, try after try, Life found the ideal cauldron to pursue its evolution.
Now, on top of a vertical framework of one hundred and eight bones, humans were made of a grease layer, a vein network, and muscles inside a thick and elastic skin. They could already experiment intelligence, rebuilding their past and creating their future.
However, they were not the only ones to dream about the future. They had to press, to enforce their future. Thus began a great war, a big tournament between these gods.


You may have understood it, the goal of the game is to develop the different species on your planet. In order to achieve this goal, you will have different parameters to control and manage. You’ll be able to mute, clone, regress, even eradicate whole species. You’ll have power on weather, geology, atmosphere. And you’ll even have offensive powers towards other planets.
The game is made of rounds that last from 7 to 13 days. During a round, the ranking is updated in real time.
You get a stock of Actoin Points (AP) which you can use to change your planet (mutation, attack, geology, etc.). Every 5 minutes there is an ”update” (UPD), when you earn APs (25 at age 1, 30 at age 2, 35 at age 3 and 40 at age 4). During this update your species may automatically clone (spontaneous cloning), or mute to other species (spontaneous mutation).
The remaining time to the next UPD is displayed on the screen. When this time equals 00s, it means that one or more UPDs have been made. You should then refresh your browser.

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