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02 - Your planet - English

Your planet


  1. Its age
Depending on your planet's evolution, and on its score, you can increase its age.
In case your score allows you for an age change, a corresponding button appears, otherwise the required score to move to the next age is displayed.
Every age change costs 500 action points (AP).

2. Its geology
Your planet is composed of two elements, water and land. In order to discover new species, it is essential to find good proportion (percentage) between water and land.
The sum of those two elements shall equal 100.
Each geology change costs 100 action points (AP).
tip: The initial geology is interesting to keep for a little while to allow the basis species to develop.

3. Its atmosphere
You can manage 4 gaz on your planet: Oxygen, Dioxyd, Nitrogen, and Rare gaz. A smart mix of those 4 gaz will allow you, as for geology, to discover new species.
The sum of those four gaz shall equal 100.
Each atmosphere change costs 100 action points (AP).
tip: The initial atmosphere will give you the time to feel comfortable with the first species.

4. Its weather
There are 4 weathers possible on your planet: sun, rain, freeze, and heat wave.
Some species can only appear with one or several appropriate weathers.
Each weather change costs 100 action points (AP).
Tip: First age species are not sensitive to the weather.

You might also find indications from other players on the forum. Joining a team is the best way to have a good start on the game.

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