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03 - The feeding - English

The feeding

1. Operation

The species on your planet need to eat, except the basis species, which already exist when creating your planet. In order to know the species food needs, you can go in the "FOOD CHAIN" on the left of the interface. The table shall be read from right to left: The food of a species stands on its left.


You can only see the species existing on your planet.

There are 3 action buttons, at the bottom of each species summary in the tree:


They are shortcuts to the following actions, respectively from the left to the right:

  • Clone: Clone. Allows for increasing the number of organisms of the species. Cost: As much AP as the number of organisms cloned.

  • Regress: Regress. Allows for reducing the number of organisms of a species. They are regressed into as much organisms from the parent species. Cost: 250 AP, no matter the number of regressed organisms.

  • Mute: Mute. Allows for an evolution trial on the species to a daughter species. This action is possible only for species who can mute. Cost: 10 PA per trial.

Except for basis species, it is possible to eradicate the a species, by clicking on the following button eradiquer.png

Eradication allows for suppressing a species. Cost: 100 AP no matter the number of eradicated organisms.

2 predators eat 1 prey. If preys are in an insufficient number, they will disappear, as well as all the predators which couldn't eat.

100 ants eat 50 zooplanktons. If there are only 30 zooplanktons, they will only feed 60 ants. The 40 remaining ants won't have food and will disappear.
After the feeding, your planet will not have zooplanktons anymore, and only 60 ants will remain.

Prepare feeding is a capital element on the game.
You can put one species on a diet (except the basis species which do npt eat, and the age 4 species). The species on a diet does not eat any prey, but still develops normally, just like all the other species. Once you put a species on a diet, it remains on its diet until the end of the round, or until you choose another species to put on a diet.
The species on a diet is displayed with a blue background in the evolution and food chain trees.


  • Put on a diet a species existing in a big number, and which brings a particular interest in your planet development strategy

  • The main tool to prepare feeding is regression. It reduces the score, but only temporarily: the good state of your planet will make it progress faster.

  • Ensure that the food is present in big enough quantity for the species

2. Feeding hour

The feeding is the moment where the species eat each other. It happens once every day. You can feed your species at the convenient time for you, between 5 pm and 4 am (French time, i.e. Central European Time / Central European Summer Time). If you do not feed your species, they will automatically eat at 4 am (French time).
The order in which the species eat is random. It changes every feeding period, but is the same for all the players for a given feeding period.

3. Interface

  • When the feeding is to be done, the "FEED END" is displayed in the summary zone, at the bottom of the left menu, as well as a time remaining counter.

  • To feed your species: Click on "MY PLANET", then on the "Feeding" tab, and finally on the "Eat" button.

  • Put or change the species on a diet: Click on "MY PLANET", then on the "Feeding" tab,  select the species to put on a diet, and finally on "Change the species on a diet" button. This change costs 300 AP.

  • Once the feeding has been done, or the feeding period did not start, "FEED START" is displayed in the summary zone, with the time remaining before the beginning of the next feeding period.


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