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04 - Species evolution - English

The evolution tree

The evolution tree is available by clicking on "Evolution" on the left menu of the interface, it is displayed on the following way:


The least evolved species (the parent species) is on the left, its evolutions (daughter species) are on its right. When a species is not discovered yet, you find "????" in place of its image, you will need to mute the parent species to discover it, and know if this species also has daughter species.

The information displayed for each species is:

  • The species image

  • The species name

  • The number of organisms of the species

  • The zone to enter a number (to clone and regress)

  • The buttons zone (cf. below)

  • Species evolution indicator.

To discover a new species, it is necessary to have the "food" species.
When a species is discovered, you find the possible actions buttons next to its image:

  • cloner.png : Clone. Allows for increasing the number of organisms of the species. Cost: As much AP as the number of organisms cloned.

  • regresser.png : Regress. Allows for reducing the number of organisms of a species. They are regressed into as much organisms from the parent species. Cost: 250 AP, no matter the number of regressed organisms.

  • muter.png : Mute. Allows for an evolution trial on the species to a daughter species. This action is possible only for species who can mute. Cost: 10 AP per trial.

  • eradiquer.png : Eradicate. Allows for suppressing a species. This action is not possible with basis species. Cost: 100 AP no matter the number of eradicated organisms.

The species evolution indicator: It provides with an indication on the evolution ot the species spontaneous cloning. The following indicators are available:

  • trident-bas-small.jpg Evry weak evolution

  • trident-mi-bas-small.jpg Weak evolution

  • trident-milieu-small.jpg Average evolution

  • trident-mi-haut-small.jpg Strong evolution

  • trident-haut-small.jpg Very strong evolution

There are 2 types of mutations:

  • Forced mutation: This is the action you realize by clicking on muter.png of a species. It tries to optain 1 organism of a daughter species. Evolution chance occurs. There can be a failure due to chance, or because the necessary conditions to its discovery are not fulfilled.

  • Spontaneous mutation: At each update (UPD), some species might mute to daughter species. In case as spontaneous mutation happens, 1% of the parent species transforms into a daughter species. The same conditions are necessary as for a forced mutation.

In order for a mutation to be possible:

  • There shall be at least 1000 organisms of the parent species.

  • Your planet's age shall be at least equal to the age the faughter species can appear

  • The food for the daughter species shall be present in a high enough quantity

  • The weather, geology and atmosphere parameters shall be compatible with the species apperaring.

Whenever you try a forced mutation, in case it fails, a message displays you an incorrect parameter for the mutation.

Keep in mind that if a parent species can mute in more than one daughter species, consecutive messages might not always be related to the same daughter species.

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