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09 - The shop - English

You can buy credits.

Those credits will allow you to obtain services and benefits.

Currently, the credits allow you to get more AP, which you can use to clone, attack or defend.
You can also use them for the "VIP" feature, whose details are described in this guide.
You can offer credits to your team members.

Buying credits is available through paypal only, no matter whether you have a paypal account or not.
If you do not have a paypal account, you will be able to pay with your credit card.

The game is free and you are able to play and win without paying.

Tu buy credits, or convert them to AP, click on "Shop" on top of the screen.
Fill in either the amount (in euros) or the number of credits you want.
Those 2 elements are related, and modifying one of them automatically updates the other.

Clicking on "Buy" button, you will be redirected on paypal website, to complete the transaction in a secure way, then you will return on the game.

Credits are kept on your account without time limit, or until your account is deleted.

To convert credits into AP, fill in the number of credits or AP you want, then click on convert.

AP are added to your available AP.

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