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11 - VIP Feature - English

The VIP feature brings benefits and ease of use, but keeps the game balance.

The available features are:

  • The max shield is 50 % higher (7500 instead of 5000)

  • The max AP is 50 % higher

  • The automatic planet start

  • Mail notification for each received attack (configurable)

The VIP feature is offered to new players during their 1st month on the game.

Outside of this period, you can immediately activate the VIP for the ongoing round (VIP, "Activate" button).
You can also program an automatic VIP activation at rounds start (VIP, "Automatic VIP activation" to "Yes"). The VIP will automatically activate at every round start, assuming there are enough credits on your account.
The automatic VIP activation is required to be able to use the automatic planet start feature, included in the VIP feature.

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