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12 - The chat - English

The chat icons available on the messaging page are only links to thirdparty sites, offering access to a wordwide chat service : IRC.

Team administrators can change the IRC server, channel and default nickname suffix of their team chat.
This setting is available in the Team page, on the Administration tab

Basic commands
/join #channel_name : joins a channel. 1st to join a channel creates it
/part : leaves the channel
/msg nickname : sends a private message
/invite nickname : invites a nickname to join the channel
/whois nickname : information about nickname
/help : commands list
/help command : details on the command

For operators:
/kick nickname explanation : kicks out nickname from channel showing explanation.

You can also use irc with applications on your phone, tablet, computer
- Linux: xchat
- Android: andchat
- Windows: xchat
- Windows phone: TBD
- Mac: TBD
- iphone/pad: TBD

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